Welcome to The Phone Booth, Project YES! Life
& the next adventure in your
Xtraordinary Game-Changing LIFE

 Well Hello, Fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changers (XG-ers)!
For those whom I've not had the Suiting-Up-Pleasure with (Yet!)...

I'm Jennifer Maki, Author of The Mad Hero's Manifesto, Seeker, Speaker, Executive Coach, Chief Visionary Officer & Owner of Project YES! Life, and above all, a Mom and LifeSchool Educator for our brilliant boys. Most recently, I'm stoked to say, we've Stepped In to The Phone Booth Project, with a whole League of XG-ers, & are embarking on this wild ride ~ to Ignite the Hero within us All, Fuel Heroic Action and, YES!, Shift the World for WoW, 1 XG Mission at a time.There are so many Kool, Krazy n' Powerful things on the go, we hope you'll Suit Up with us. But first, tap this awesome gift and see if it ignites a calling in you to Don that Cape of Possibility (spandex required only if that's yer thang). 

       Our Guarantee ...

                 life is more fun when we

                     Soar together.  Up up up & away...


Our LEGACY is our Vow to Act Authentically, Love Genuinely, Consider Compassionately, Delight in Oneness & Inspire the world to Soar.

Welcome to

The Phone Booth Project

Are you ready to Step In, Suit Up and Soar?

If you said, YES! we are so Superhero Fired-Up to have you join the


of Xtraordinary



Tapping our Limitless Potential means fueling our body, brain and being.  It Requires us to Ante Up, with daily action for all.‚Äč


Each of us possesses innate Wisdom, a desire to Creatively Contribute & a Potential to Change the World.  It just takes a spark!