3 Mad-Hero Training Sessions​

Normally, my per hour cost is $180.00 (I know you've heard that schtick before, but it's true).

I believe whole-heartedly in fair exchange and you should too - for you and your biz.


But to help folks transition to that Game-Changing life they long for, at this time of year when our financial flow is going to outfitting our kiddies and our communities with gifts and contributions that make 'em feel loved and connected...

I'd like to do my bit and offer this Own the Cape Training for
$44.99 US per session X 3 Sessions. 
So that's a total of $134.97 US for all 3 sessions, as opposed to my regular rate of $540.00 US.

If this jazzes you and you're ready to take that magnificent YOU out for a full spin and look to planning just how, then please contact me via email at jennifer@jennifermaki.com and we'll set up our connections via phone and work out payment. Easy-peasy.

No matter how centered and successful we are,
we are always called to take our game up a notch or two (or infinitely)!


​       If you:

          ~ Are drawn into the drama and emotional needs of others, consistently, or EVER

          ~ Are torn between others' expectations and a calling of your own

          ~ Ache for a reason or no reason at all and don't know why

          ~ Smile when you think of donning a cape, but don't know how you'd get one

          ~ Long for peace, even or especially, in the midst of the chaos of life

          ~ Are able to do one thing each day that scares or challenges you, cause ya know it's worth it

          ~ Aren't afraid to bust outta your comfort zones

Well then ...
I do believe you're ready to Suit Up and
Join a League of Xtraordinary Game-Changing Wanna-Bes

and see where this whole adventure will lead us next!

Welcome to

Own the Cape Training

In 3 Mad-Awesome Quick-Start LIVE CALL SESSIONS, we're going to :  

* Determine and define your trauma-triggers, procrastination-demons and set your sights on soaring up and away from all that hero-draining drama 

* Develop through intention and training a Bubble o' Bliss to empower you to welcome all the Mad-Awesome magnificence and even crazy of life that serves you, and deflect all the life-sucking scenarios, folks and habits that don't

* Map and align your creative callings and churning juices of possibility with daily actions

* And, well, delve into and discuss where all these powerhouse tidbits can ignite and fuel you to next!

In honor & celebration of our adventure ahead... jennifer