Step In

As the saying goes... we cannot give what we don't first possess.  To be a hero in the world, or to take your Xtraordinary life to new, seemingly unimagined heights, we must first see heroism within ourselves, know that we can fly.  We must remember back to a time when we believed all things were possible, we had the power to shift the world around us for good.  The time has come to transform, in truth, to remember who it is we really are, capable, courageous, compassionate, creative, and destined to change the world.  Do you need to feel like a hero right this very moment to begin?  No, the only thing you must do, is Step In.  The journey of a limitless hero begins with a single gesture...opening the door to simply, possibility.

‚ÄčWelcome to ...

The Phone Booth Project !!

A movement to Ignite the Hero Within Us All and Fuel Heroic Thoughts and Actions in the World. 

Our mission is to inspire people to claim their rightful place among the Xtraordinary Game-Changers (XG-ers) of this world, to:

* Step In ... see Super Powers within and all around

* Suit Up ... don the Innate Cape of Magnificence

* Fuel Up ... bod, brains and being to ensure energy for the adventure, and

* Soar... take Heroic Action to Shift the World for WoW one conscious, creative XG Mission at a time.

The Phone Booth is a metaphor for transformation.  Imagine if you will, Super Man or Woman stepping in to the booth and into the hero s/he knew, deep within, s/he always was and will be.  S/He comes out...confident, determined, clear, fired-up about the mission - to offer to the world what it most needs - inspiration, hope, compassion, love, (and the list goes on and on).  S/He is a being of action, in missions large and small and will not rest until the world is not only good for a few of us, but for all of us.

Be assured, whether you are aware or not, ready or not,

YOU are being called to Step In, to SUIT UP and Soar, in all that you do each and every day.  No matter your job, no matter your journey, no matter how large or small you believe yourself to be.  This planet does not need some of needs ALL of us, who can, who Will, claim the Hero they are and simply, Begin.

You can do it alone, or you can do it with others who truly and simply and powerfully SEE the Hero you are, the Hero you long to be.  You can do it with us, Xtraordinary Game-Changers just like you (who often leap even before they are sure they have wings).  This XG league is here to offer you inspiration, motivation, ideas and a whole host of conscious, crazy, creative Me n' We Missions for you to take out for a spin (should you choose to accept them).   

SUIT UP fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changers ...

Click Here to Claim your FREE Copy of the Mad Hero's Manifesto and Suit Up with our League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers.

and your XG Super Hero support begins, first with

The Phone Booth Project blog full of ideas, inspiration and Me & WE Missions to fuel your works

or ignite your own creative flair,

and soon to come,

The XG Claim-the-Cape Challenge - a 30 day online program to hone in on the Hero within us all and engage in a community of Xtraordinary Game-Changers ready to Soar.  And... (drum roll please...) the book,

to be published fall 2017...

The MAD Heroes Handbook

Shifting the World for WoW, 1 XG Mission at a Time

Ohhhhh what a ride it is and is yet to BE.

The time is NOW my Xtraordinary friends...

let's make making a difference, conscious, creative and, well,


Open the door and the rest is easey-peasy...


The Phone Booth Awaits

Step In ~ Suit Up ~ Soar

The Phone Booth Project


Now that you've anted up and stepped in...time to SUIT UP baby.  No, you need not literally slip into the spandex tights and worry about adorning gadgets to ensue the element of surprise on any known or foreign enemies... I know some of you are bummed out about this bit.  Sorry.

Suiting Up means knowing your life has purpose, or a purpose greater than the one you are embarking on now, and you're ready to take it up a notch.  You're ready to see that there is a need for a shift in perspective, that you do, indeed have the potential and some would say the responsibility to join the other Xtraordinary Game-Changers of this world and don your own, unique, dynamic, limitless and innate Cape of Magnificence. 

Does this mean you need to suddenly gather a team of do-gooders and organize an event to raise a million dollars by next Thursday (only if you want to ... yea you), but No.  This is a time of saying "YES! I will do something.  I see that there is a need for more heroes just like me and I can make a difference with even small shifts in how I see, how I hear, how I respond vs. react in the world.  I am open, caped, ready to be inspired, ready to join a league of Xtraordinary Game-Changers ...just like me."

Fuel Up

The Heroic Journey of this century could never fly without the consideration of not only the heroes' willingness and tenacity of the spirit, but the enhancement of the only real Super Suit we're ever going to have...the skin you're in. 

We have never had more resources and techie gizmos and super human knowledge at our finger tips than we do now.  We've never understood the human mind and what it requires and most assuredly doesn't, what enhances and decays the body, and the miraculous healing properties and capabilities of the very nature many would say we've turned a blind eye to in the name of all things progress.  We know.  We know.  We know -  What nourishes us, what sustains us, what enlightens us - We know.

We know we need more human connection and less cyber contact.  We know we need more raw, whole, natural foods and less contrived ones.  We know we need more rest and less preemptive scheduling.  We know we need to breathe. That simple, just breathe.  And we are fully aware that what goes in comes out, what is nurtured flourishes, what is honored, honors in return.  But somehow, we are sicker, busier, more exhausted and more disconnected than ever.  We are, quite simply, overwhelmed and do not know where to begin.

Our vision with The Phone Booth Project is to offer baby steps... Xtraordinary Game-Changing baby steps, links, resources, ideas, to just begin.  So simple, we can in fact teach it to our children. 

How do I know this?  Because for 8 1/2 years I have ... and I see the possibility so clearly.  We can choose again, one Green Super Hero Shake and XG Juice and conscious questioning and choice at a time.  There is no secret formula to be read and rip up in 30 seconds before self-destruction, just a decision to explore and get in the conversation with other Super Hero Wannabes and begin again.

And in this we become keenly aware of the Mission work that must be done, within the self, within the family, within the community and within the world. 

So we we're ready to Step In, Suit Up, Fuel Up and join like-minded, like-spirited, Xtraordinary Game-Changers just like us... click here to Learn More about this XG Mission Work or just Step In and join our blog to see where this adventure may lead us next...

The Phone Booth Awaits.