“Jennifer provided Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources with her presentation and workshop, “Have It All Hero Training – Suiting Up for Service and Self Preservation”. I was so impressed with the effort she put forth in preparation for our session, taking the time to learn about our department and customizing the material to our values and needs. She is truly an inspiring, uplifting and elegant speaker with a passion that motivates the listeners to formulate and proceed with their own goals. I highly recommend Jennifer to others!”
Lynn Gray, Manager Central Zone, Alberta Health Services Volunteer Resources /Pastoral Care

“Jennifer Maki is the Queen of Possibility and Personal Growth and Development. Her passion, compassion, understanding, brilliance and kind heart shine so brightly. She is a breath of fresh air. A recent coaching session with her, reflecting on various elements of my life and business, was so insightful and fun. Her “7 Dynamics of Life, Values-Action Alignment” approach is unique and empowering. Together we identified where I would benefit from making some strategic shifts in both my business and personal life to initiate greater success and more balance. I now have a new perspective and a plan. If you are looking to take your life to the next level and have a breakthrough, I highly recommend Jennifer.”
Ellie Savoy, Holistic Health Coach and International Best Selling Author of “Stop Dieting Start Living” 

​“Jennifer played a pivotal role in transitioning our vision and passionate message of heart to consistent, powerful communications for our community and all those we serve. Shari and I knew exactly what The Wellness Universe stood for, and aimed to do, but expressing something you are so close to is nearly impossible to do alone. Jennifer was strategic, organized and attentive to our message and mission. She helped us to clarify and treated our project as if it was her very own. Her dedication to optimal performance, understanding of our goals and thoroughness, empowered us to be fully confident in the delivery of the end result. She does not settle for less than extraordinary and as you work with her you feel as if you are the only item of focus. She is that dedicated.”
Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe

​"When our company went through a challenging time, we reached out to Jennifer who was quick to learn the details of our complex predicament, assess our internal and external communications needs and master our unique corporate "lingo".
Jennifer created our communication strategy, messages and talking points for various stake holders. She also created a feedback loop that allowed her to continuously fine tune our communications. 
Jennifer worked very closely with our management team and was very receptive to our changing needs.
Despite the gravity of the situation, employees morale and loyalty remained high and our divisional turnover remained less than half of the other divisions of the companies that chose a different strategy.
I have the highest professional respect for Jennifer who is a seasoned professional who has impeccable integrity, creativity and flexibility.
I would not hesitate warmly recommending Jennifer and will, forever, appreciate her contribution to us."
​Rupert Altschuler, President, Everest College Canada

“Jennifer helped me take my products and services to a wider audience. Her expertise in promotion, communication, marketing and executive coaching/mentoring were an invaluable service to me and by association to all of my clients and supporters.  Jennifer servers her clients with utmost professionalism but at the same time manages to balance a heart centered approach. When you are working with Jennifer you get the impression that you are the most important person to her. I highly recommend her services."
Gary SavitskyAuthor, Artist, Healer, Speaker

"I look back at where I was 6-months ago and I was a different person.  Now I am confident, centered, focused and achieving things I thought would take years.  Jennifer is more than a coach, UCoachU2YES! is so much more than a goal-setting program, it is a light that shows the way and keeps you seeing your “Why” all the way to success.”  
Dr. Heather Robertson, In8Wellness  

"Jennifer provided us with exceptional attitude, enthusiasm, structure and product in the rebranding and launching of our new vision and business. It was not only her passion that was infectious, but she delivered on her promise to take our business to the next level and beyond.”  
Dr. Steven Fonso, Veressent Life Owner 

“Jennifer Maki is a breath of fresh air in the community. Her passion and desire for us all to have more ‘YES!’ in our lives is appreciated! The energy and message she relays is moving and hopefully contagious.”  
Shelley Graham, Arthritis Society 

“Unleashing the Guru Within was the perfect kick-off to our Women’s Retreat. Jennifer’s presentation was thought provoking and entertaining, and produced comments such as: “...absolutely great, empowering and motivating, inspiring, awesome, wish we had more time with her, my favourite was the ‘guru lady’.” I would highly recommend Jennifer Maki."  
Maureen Paracy-Jesseau,
Lakehead Elementary School Teachers Association 

"Jennifer is an enthusiastic and powerful facilitator who most definitely causes us to think about the decisions we make and question ourselves as to whether we are living the life we truly desire.”  
Anita Mitzner,
Calgary Health Region, Coordinator Learning & Development

"This workshop should be mandatory for all employees in every business.” 
Holly Wowk, Calgary Health Region employee

“Jennifer is clearly passionate about her purpose and communicates her message well. Attending the 7 Truths’ is like finding an oasis in the desert – refreshing and rejuvenating.”  
Judith Pinto Coy, CHR employee 

“Jennifer built a strong foundation of trust among the team and offered expert guidance and leadership in helping us work through a meaningful conversation about current challenges and solutions.  
Charlotte Lynn, UofC employee, Stepping Stones Retreat Participant 

“Jennifer, it has been a dream to work with you from first meeting to this moment. You brought an energy, enthusiasm and grace to our team retreat that really inspired us to connect and move forward.” 
Patricia Glenn, Manager of Conference Services, Uof C 

“Great presentation. We all need to be reminded of ways to improve and there were fantastic ideas and insights in this presentation. Thank you.”  
Rita Clelland, President Calgary Women in Energy 

“Center of Yes and Jennifer Maki have changed my life in a way no other seminar or facilitator has been able to. I am a new woman focused on living my best, YES!, life.”  
Patricia Glenn, Manager, Conference Services, University of Calgary  

Deloitte & Touché / Breakout Sessions,
National Standards Council of Canada...

“Jennifer provided excellent service in the field of communication and personal development. She helped educate our company on correct and relevant internal and external communication protocol. More importantly, she supported personal development programming helping our clients achieve their aspirations with a loving mix of challenge and support.”
Dr. Stephen Hobbs, CEO, Owner, World ICU
Over the last 20 years I have had the profound pleasure of working with some of the most dynamic, creative, courageous, dreamers and movers n' shakers on the planet. 

Along this journey, while these treasured souls and Xtraordinary Game-Changers may feel as though I inspired their world in some way, I am absolutely sure whatever gifts I have offered have been returned to me tenfold and I have been expanded and enriched beyond measure by their work, their ways, their leading-edge missions and their tenacity to see visions through to envelope-pushing, life-altering fruition.
I am humbled.  I am awed.  I am grateful. 
Thank you clients-come-friends. 

A Few Words...

Client Connects

A few of the organizations and entrepreneurs 
I have had opportunity to work alongside...

* Alberta Health Services ~ Keynote talk. Health Professions Strategy and Practice Conference in Edmonton and in Calgary, Alberta.

* CDI College, Campus North and Reeves College, AB ~ Emcee and Keynotes

* Calgary Board of Education ~ Presenter. CBE Staff Association Convention.

* eWomen Network ~ Presenter

* Inspired Homeschool Conference ~ Presenter

* Easter Seals of Ontario

* Calgary Health Region - now Alberta Health Sciences, and various divisions therein - Neo Natal Nurses / Health Administration / Dental Assistant's Associaion

* University of Calgary

* The YWCA of Calgary

* World ICU

* Women in Energy - Oil & Gas Association

* Deloitte & Touche

* National Standards Council of Canada

* The Arthritis Society

* Lakehead Fundraisers Association

* Lakehead Elementary School Teachers Association

* Patricia Glen, executive coaching client - now Regional Director, Western Canada for Crohn's and Colitis Canada

* Dr. Steven Fonso, Veressent Life

* Clara Antoniazzi,

Journey to Wellness, now WiseCore Adventures

*Dr. Heather Robertson,

In8Wellness and Thunder Bay Chiropractic Clinic

* Krysta Olson, Staminize Training

* Gary Savtisky, Artist, Author, Speaker