And now we turn to our work in the world.  The blog, the book The Phone Booth Project - The Mad Hero's Handbook will share test-driven, practical plans for executing the Mission We in simple ways that have a profound impact on the lives of others.  But this is where the ride gets riveting and real.  Being able to contribute to the world around us, to inspire a smile, extend compassion, ignite JOY in the hearts and souls of others... THIS is the buzz, the Heroes High.  Now, obviously we do not offer of ourselves for what it is that we will receive in return, but it is simply the way of extending the waves of the heart...we in turn are moved and filled to overflowing.  And while to give solely of the self, anonymously and quietly creates a hum and ripple all its own, the song and movement that reverberates from our collective efforts is magnificent as well and not to be denied.  So Join us as we share and explore and select and execute our Mission We together as the Xtraordinary Game-Changers we know at the depths of our being, that we can be. 

The Phone Booth Awaits...

Mission We

As is true with any and all Super Heroes taking action for good and just in the world, the journey begins within.  We must first embrace and commit to not only recognizing the Hero that lives within, but then engage in activities and rituals that tease the truth out of us, solidify it in our hearts and minds.  These actions we Xtraordinary Game-Changers call Mission Me.

Our book The Mad Hero's Handbook (due out Fall 2015) will give you specific details on these Missions as we've been working with for the last number of years.  As well, our blog The Phone Booth Project offers tips, missions, stories on Mission Me work.  But it's not fair that we wouldn't give you a gem right outta the gate now really is it?  Soooo... Make sure you

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and... then you can begin with a Mission ME, we call...

The Heroic Me Mirror

Purpose of the Mission... to keep our sights set firmly on the image of our Heroic-selves.  Even Clark Kent could have been discouraged, with all the geek-cracks and ribbings of his co-workers had he not internally kept the mission alive.  So we look to our morning mirror (past the rumpled or wrinkled view or self-defeating a.m. commentary) and we have some fun!!

Mission In Action...

If you have kiddies or can engage the youngin' within, whip out those dry erase markers and make a go of doodling up yourself in artistic costume, surrounded by bubble comments worthy of someone as stellar, studly, glorious, gorgeous, Xtraordinary as YOU.  Yes, YOU!  This shall be your Heroic Focus for the day.  All things possible, amazing and Game-Changing.  Do it, just do it, for one week and see how you feel, how your partner, your kiddies, your grand kiddies feel.  And think of doing it for someone else too (but always, always, begin with you.)  It's always easier to offer power and praise to others, but this mission work requires that we Step In and SUIT UP ourselves first...just like that Miss Piggy oxygen mask on the plane! 

Mission Me

Imagine if you will… a world in which each and every person on the planet recognizes the Hero that lies within, truly gets it, and then believing whole heartedly that they are indeed a hero, they ACT on that Truth.

They see the world with a Hero's Vision...

Where there is need for a kind word, a compassionate deed, action in the name of healing or hope.  Their ways are not always known, always seen, but day after day, moment by moment, they seek out the good, inspire the discouraged, and, in fact, not only understand the hero within themselves but actually SEE the hero in others, particularly when they have lost sight of it themselves.

They are an Xtraordinary Game-Changer.

Now, pause for a moment and read very carefully, taking it all in...

YOU are this Hero. 

You are this Xtraordinary Game-Changer. 

Yes! YOU.

Whether you can See it in this moment or not, it is true.  It begins with a longing to shift the world for better, to do your part to empower the people of this life for more.  Your deeds may be small or grand, but the actions you take are from the heart and you dream of being a part of something grander than yourself...

Well... you've come to the right place fellow Xtraordinary Game-Changer. 

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