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Educating my children is one of the most mind-blowingly challenging and infinitely rewarding experiences of my life.  I am awed daily by their brilliance and the wisdom that continually and consistently ignites my owe.  Through guiding them in matters of learning and in creative projects like The Phone Booth Project and all its Me and We Missions, we are discovering the potential of this life anew each and every day.



“I look back at where I was 6-months ago and I was a different person.  Now I am confident, centered, focused and achieving things I thought would take years.  Jennifer is more than a coach, UCoachU2YES! is so much more than a goal-setting program, it is a light that shows the way and keeps you seeing your “Why” all the way to success.”   
Dr. Heather Robertson,
Creator of the Powerful Eat, Move, Think In8Wellness program


“Jennifer built a strong foundation of trust among the team and offered expert guidance and leadership in helping us work through a meaningful conversation about current challenges and solutions.                                               Charlotte Lynn, UofC employee and team participant
Project YES! Life and Jennifer Maki have changed my life in a way no other seminar or facilitator has been able to.  I am a new woman focused on living my best life.”
Patricia Glenn, Manager of Conference Services, University of Calgary –
workshop & executive coaching client

Now Regional Manager, Western Canada, Crohn's & Colitis Canada 

Why LifeSchool (and not the typical terms, Homeschool or Unschool)? 

Well, on my journey the most soulful learning I experienced was during my travels, either for the day or for years, within the world.  Learning happens Everywhere... and so I wanted us to remember, no matter where we open those books, that education is a Life~Affair. 

As such, our resources are geared for ALL parents and Mentors whether your children learn in a classroom or at home or whether you mentor them. To share the adventure with us, Visit...


or our blog www.lifeschoolinc.wordpress.com

Life BC (Before Children) was filled with the world of business, traveling and living within Canada, Europe, the US and British West Indies, gleaning professional experience and embracing personal insights from treasured mentors and guides about Lives Authentically and Divinely Lived. 

I took those gems and shared them with individuals, teams, corporations, non-profits and community groups through, workshops, speeches, writings and mentorship programs. 

I met countless beautiful souls, wandering and wondering, and in their latter years just embarking on the possibilities that lay within and that lay ahead.

The moment I had children I knew, I wanted to give to them what I wished I'd had, that I believe so many in my programs wished they'd had...

An education that lay limitless possibilities at our feet and allowed us to dream, creatively, limitlessly, reminding us at every turn that Everything and Anything is possible and we can, indeed change the world!

For almost 15 years, Center of YES!, Inc. and Project YES! Life have been igniting the YES! in people and organizations and fueling them in their goals to communicate and deliver that YES! more clearly, succinctly and powerfully within themselves, with their teams, communities and, in the world.
Programs & Projects Include:
  • UCoachU2YES! - Audacious Exec Coaching

For entrepreneurs making the leap from great to life-&-world shifting WoW

  • Keynote Talks, Workshops & Customized Retreats:

* 7 Truths to Living Your YES! Life

* What If You Can Have It All?

* Unleashing the Hero Within

* Stepping Stones to YES! ... to name a few :)

  • Community Building Initiatives

* Virtuous Suppers

* Sync-cess

           Social networking & speaker series, designed to build & contribute to  community and...synchronistically ignite biz success

  • Writings & Social Media to * Ignite *  Fuel * Matter

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